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Indian Medical Association of Kalyan

About Us

About Us


The IMA Kalyan consists of Two Important Wings:

  • => IMA CGP Subfaculty Kalyan
  • => IMA AMS Subchapter Kalyan


There is IMA College of General Practitioners - CGP - Headquarter at Chennai and IMA Kalyan has formed a Subfaculty under it. It is academic wing of IMA and having 27 members out of which 25 members applied for FCGP fellowship and successfully qualified the FCGP examination. Convocation was held at International Conference of CGP in June ' 16 at IMA Juhu branch.

There is IMA Academy of Medical Specialities (AMS) where all medical Specialities are under one roof - headquarter at Hyderabad and. IMA Kalyan has formed a subchapter - IMA AMS Subchapter, Kalyan under it and having 31 members out of which 22 members applied for and qualified for Honorary fellowship FIAMS - convocation at IMA AMS National conference at Madurai in 2017.


  • To promote and advance Medical and allied Science in all their different branches and to promote the improvement of public Health and Medical Education any where in India.
  • To maintain the honour and dignity and to uphold the interests of Medical profession and to promote Co-Operation amongst the members thereof.
  • To work for the obliteration of compartmentalism in Medical Education, Medical Services and Registration in the Country and thus to achieve equality among all members practising Modern Scientific Medicine as the Profession.
  • To arrange from time to time, congresses, conferences, lectures, discussions and demostration on any aspect of the medical and allied sciences.
  • To maintain library, publish from time to time translation and other pepers embodying medical researches conducted by the Association.
  • To encourage research in Medical and allied Sciences with grants out of the funds of the Association, by establishment of Scholarships. prises or rewards and in such other manner as may from time to time be determined upon by the Association.
  • To conduct an educational campaign among the people in the matter of public health and sanitation by Co-operating, whenever necessary. with different public bodies working with the same object.
  • To organise medical camps for providing medical relief during epidemics and in times of emergency.
  • To hold periodical meetings & conference of the member of the Association & the medical professor in general.
  • To Assist subscribe to, co-operate or affiliate or be affiliated to with any other public body whether incorporated, registered or not, and hang altogether or in parts object similar to those of the Association.

  • History

  • From 1949 upto 2018 and since IMA Kalyan was established, the period can be divided into 2 parts. First part, an olden golden era or Pre - CME era upto 1991 and second modern beautiful era or CME era 1991 onwards.
  • In first era there was a lot of struggle for existence because of few members and paucity of funds, yearly subscription, delaying payment of same resulted in non payment of central contribution. Then central IMA used to send notices of dissolution of Kalyan IMA. Then there were efforts of members coming together and reviving the the organisation in 1991. Details of this period are scattered and memory based. Dr Lalit Katkar prepared an article with help of Dr R.N. Shukla which is available in Souvenir of xix CME 2010. In this period, 16 Presidents officiated the chair and 8 of them are unfortunately not amongst us now.
  • Second era is from 1991 onwards when IMA Kalyan was revived. In this period, there was gradual increase in membership, income, sponsorship, social activities etc. Later on there was introduction of life membership. In this period the constitution of IMA Kalyan was formed and IMA Kalyan was registered as a Trust with Subregistrar, Charity Commissioner Thane in 1998 and then with Charity Commissioner Thane in 1999 as per procedure. In 1992, annual CME or conference of IMA Kalyan started in the month of December which was 1-day conference and later on evolved as one and half day and now 2-days conference. This conference takes place now at Acharya Atre Rangamandir of Kalyan and is held on 1st Saturday and Sunday of December every year, the conference celebrated silver jubilee in 2016 gracefully. This conference is pride of IMA Kalyan and more than 1000 delegates from Kalyan and vicinity attend the conference every year and is a high standard conference of any National level and is known as iMAKON Kalyan now.

  • Our Ex-Team

    2017 - 2018 Dr. Nitin Chitnis Dr. Archana Lawankar Dr. Mukesh Shah
    2016 - 2017 Dr. Rajan Mane Dr. Harshal Nimkande Dr. Prashant Patil
    2015 - 2016 Dr. Anjum Syed Dr. Nitin Chitnis Dr. Vijay Thakur
    2014 - 2015 Dr. Smita Mahajan Dr. Rajan Mane Dr. Roopali Nanjappa
    2013 - 2014 Dr. Prashant Khatale Dr. Rajan Mane Dr. Yogesh Palshetkar
    2012 - 2013 Dr. S. P. Kakarmath Dr. Anjum Syed Dr. Deepak Rathod
    2011 - 2012 Dr. Mukesh Shah Dr Saurabh Sangore / Dr Fabian Almeida Dr. Parag Patil
    2010 - 2011 Dr. Rajendra Lawankar Dr. Niraj Upadhyaya Dr. Vikas Mhaskar
    2009 - 2010 Dr. Pravin Bhujbal Dr. Prashant Khatale Dr. Mangesh kasle
    2008 - 2009 Dr. Gurudutt Bhat Dr. pradeep Sangle Dr. Gurudutt Bhat
    2007 - 2008 Dr. Narendra Pathak Dr. Harshal Nimkande Dr. Shashi Singh
    2006 - 2007 Dr. Mangesh Kasle Dr. Ravindra Tambe Dr. Vivek Bhosale
    2005 - 2006 Dr. Vijay Thakur Dr. Yogesh Palshetkar Dr. Prashant Sonavane
    2004 - 2005 Dr. Deepak Tandale Dr. Parag Patil Dr. Rajkumar Shirsolkar
    2003 - 2004 Dr. Omvijay Chaudhari Dr. Vijay Lyer Dr. Lalit Katkar
    2002 - 2003 Dr. Ashok Dhamele Dr Rajendra Godbole Dr. K.M.Nanjappa
    2001 - 2002 Dr. Sudeep Jadhav Dr. Gurudutt Bhat Dr. Rajendra Sonavane
    2000 - 2001 Dr. Vivek Bhosale Dr. Rajkumar Shirsolkar Dr. Sudeep Jadhav
    1999 - 2000 Dr. Rajendra Sonavane Dr. Sudeep Jadhav Dr. Anil Moghe
    1997 - 1999 Dr. Chandan Singh Dr. Narendra Pathak Dr.B.M.Shaikh
    1996 - 1997 Dr.B.M.Shaikh Dr. Chandan Singh
    1995 - 1996 Dr. Pradeep Ghumare Dr. Chandan Singh Dr. Anil Moghe
    1994 - 1995 Dr. Sanjay Godbole Dr Deepak Sarangadhar Dr Anil Nand
    1992 - 1994 Dr. Mukund Joshi
    1986 - 1991 Dr. Jagdish Rana Dr. Deepak Tandale
    1980 - 1986 Dr. K D Suchak,Late Dr. Anil N and Dr. Anil Moghe
    1975 - 1979 Late Dr. Kale
    1974 - 1975 Late Dr. (Mrs) Nirmala Diwadkar Dr. S V Godbole
    1973 - 1974 Dr. H.T.Naik Dr. Vaze (Paed)
    1969 - 1970 Dr. Suresh Eklahire
    1968 - 1969 Dr. S. K. Chitre Late Dr. Sudhir S. Chaubal
    1963 - 1967 Dr. Arvind Kulkarni
    1961 - 1962 Dr. Haripal
    1959 - 1960 Dr. Shantaram Chaubal Dr. Padmakar Karkhanis
    1956 - 1959 Dr. H. M. Shah Dr. Arvind Kulkarni
    1949 - 1955 Dr. Welankar, Dr. Modak, Dr. Shantara Chaubal & Dr. N. J. Shukla Dr. Padmakar Karkhanis Dr. Padmakar Karkhanis